Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Project/Exam

Brian Hradsky

The tuition for community colleges in the state of Maryland is set to rise by 5% in 2009; one of the colleges this will affect is Anne Arundel Community College, but people are not worried.
Not all of the community colleges are raising their tuition prices; The Community College of Baltimore County is not raising their tuition price for in county residents which will remain at $90 per credit hour for full time students and $103 per credit hour. That is still more then Anne Arundel Community Colleges current rate which is $88 dollars per credit hour.
The low price why when asked if she thought students would look at other education options Ms. Huellemeier a professor at Anne Arundel Community College said “No because I worked at other community colleges where tuition is much higher compared to AACC.”
Students hope the price increase does not rise too much but if it does Jeff Parcher a current student at the community college said he still saved a large amount of money while attending Anne Arundel Community College.
When ask if he would take advantage of President Obama’s plan that would let students do service hours and the government would pay for the students tuition Mr. Parcher responded, “No, I imagine all the service would add up to the amount of money I would make at my regular job.”
Parcher’s mother who has a younger son looking at colleges said the tuition is so low compared to other colleges her son is looking at a small increase would still make Anne Arundel Community College cheaper.
According to Anne Arundel Community College Fast Facts 2008-2009 if Mrs. Parcher’s son goes to Anne Arundel Community College they would be part of 31.6% of students that graduate high school in Anne Arundel County to attend Anne Arundel Community College